Fall, Chicago, 2018.

It’s been two years since I wrote anything on this site, and I was sitting outside today and thinking about how things have changed since then. I posted one time, and it was probably the most random, uncharacteristic, (also very inane) thing I’ve ever written.   I think the Fall time does make you think about the past. I was at Ex Libris getting coffee and I picked up this poem, “October,” by Konner Jebb where he writes, “Auburn heat blushes. Breezes/Burst summer swiftness into/slow chilled fall wind. It’s slow,/steady enough that I reflect/on all the synonyms of me” (1-5). Autumn is nostalgic because it reminds you of how fleeting things are, how quickly things fade away. You start to think about who you were a few autumns ago, how that person has shifted , and how you’re someone different now. And right now, this autumn, the change feels more jarring than ever because I live somewhere different and the familiar people are gone. It feels liberating to be detached from any specific role, or sense of person that becomes imposed on you by the people you know well. Right now, it feels like changing myself is as easy as slipping into a coat, and maybe taking it off again- if I feel like it.


The quad today.



Hello, world.

Hi, guys! I’m Irene. I’m 16 and I live in New York with my two cats. I’ve created this blog?! to chat about my favorite things. I hope you find them interesting too!

These include:

  1. music
  2. fashion
  3. design
  4. food
  5. politics
  6. books
  7. travel

I hope you’re having an amazing day. Stop by very, very soon. New content will be up soon!



(This is me in bed earlier today, after finally unpacking my sweater collection for winter 2016-17. Can one survive the new york cold without at least 20? Tell me your thoughts).