Fall Fashion!!

Autumn. Golden leaves drifting lazily in the breeze, the sweet scent of foliage and pine, and that distinct feeling of nostalgia. Fall is the season that makes me want to step outside, breath in deeply, and reflect on what’s passed. These (in my opinion) are essentials for any windswept autumn day spent daydreaming…fullsizerender-4


Why not make a statement with a gorgeous patterned coat? I picked this stunning velvet blue one up from Anthropologie (brand is Elevenses). Paired with a floaty silk printed scarf..how could you possibly go wrong?

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

This rust and brown colored felt coat (also from Athropologie, again) has a beautiful almost..ombre? effect which I love. Paired with subtle metal and leather accents, I’ve concluded that, If fall were a coat, it would be this one.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Fall is the perfect season to debut some classic vintage looks. I found this vintage Levi’s Jean Jacket in a vintage store called Side Car in Hudson. I suggest wearing it with a black sweater for that effortlessly chic new york look.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

If we’re talking about jean jackets…this Pilcro and the Letterpress number (also purchased at anthro) could not be more adorable. The luxurious (faux) fur collar gives it just a hint of old-world glamour.


These Anna Sui boots are definitely unusual and as they are designer (a bit on the pricey side), I wouldn’t seek them out unless you absolutely love them. However, if you’re looking to make a fashion-week worthy statement, I say, go for it. (Haha, my cat decided to assist for this photo)

I hope everyone is having a lovely fall. Tell me what your favorite fall essentials are!

Love always,





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